Notice about Course Registration for Overseas students (Ⅱ)
2020年09月30日 威尼斯官网:


To all overseas students:

Considering some overseas students are still in their home country, there are some changes in course arrangement. The newly-updated course arrangement is attached for reference.

Some courses will be offered on line. You can join QQ group or contact the course teacher to get more detailed information about the course.

The periods for course registration of this semester are from Oct 5th to Oct9th and Oct. 12th to 16th. Do not miss the deadline or you will have no access to course registration.

We suggest you read the guidebook to the system and follow the instructions to complete personal study plan and register courses.

You had better use 谷歌 Chrome to login our system by translating the website.

Provost Office of Graduate  School

Sept 30, 2020









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